Lobby Signs

Bring Your Business to Life With Lobby Signs

Lobby signs are sometimes called ‘Impact Signs’ because of their importance in setting an initial tone for clients, guests, and employees.  Effective lobby signs can create a feel of professionalism, competence, creativity, or whatever you want to convey to your visitors as they first enter your space. And although the initial perceptions are taking place on a subliminal level, they …


Client Feature: Barkate Orthodontics

Recently, we had the opportunity to do some work for Barkate Orthodontics, an orthodontics practice located in San Clemente. Barkate’s stated mission is to provide the best orthodontic experience in every way. Part of achieving this goal requires providing an enjoyable experience and a fun atmosphere, as well as emphasizing personal service and quality care. So they came to us …

GE Corporate Event at the St. Regis

Corporate events provide excellent opportunities for companies to celebrate their past successes and to begin chapters of new success.  Many companies and businesses enjoy holding their corporate events at the St. Regis in Dana Point, a luxurious coastal resort. The St. Regis has many spacious ballrooms, dining rooms, and meeting areas to hold the grandest of corporate events.