Green Sustainable Signage

There are many great reasons for businesses and companies to think about becoming more green and sustainable.

No matter your industry, there is room to reduce your carbon footprint and to leave the world a better place. Plus, there are often tax incentives for more sustainable business practices. And customers take notice when businesses make an effort to be more sustainable too. In spite of all the buzz about being more sustainable, many businesses don’t realize that there are a lot of ways that your office signage can make you more green.


Signage as a Qualification for LEED Certification

A system maintained by the USGBC, LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification is the international standard for green building certification that verifies the use and presence of green practices in the building industry. Green practices include energy savings, water efficiency, CO2 emissions reduction, indoor environmental quality, use of recycled and recyclable materials, and more related metrics.

Included in the considerations for LEED certification are the materials used for signage and graphics in your building. At Starfish Signs and Graphics, we can help you qualify for LEED certification through our custom fabrication of your signage. In our production process, we use materials such as low-voltage, long lasting LED lighting, eco-friendly plastics, recycled and recyclable metals for dimensional letters and plaques, and more, all of which will contribute to your qualifications for LEED certification.

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