Consultation and Estimates

For every project, Starfish Signs and Graphics provides a project proposal, including concepts and pricing, based on the needs requested by the client and the signage requirements of where the building is located.

To provide this project proposal, we gather the necessary information through our signage consultation and signage estimating processes.

Signage Consultation

Before we do anything, we want to hear what you have in mind for your new sign. Are you interested in a custom shape or graphic or using a unique type of material? Do you have special concerns about where your sign needs to be installed? Are you the owner of the building or a short-term lessee? Does your sign need to be visible from a roadway, from the sidewalk, or from another location? How fast will your prospects be driving by when you want them to read your sign? Whether you know exactly what you want or you need a little help to decide, we can talk you through all the options for your signage and graphics needs. We won’t shy away from any challenge when it comes to materials and vision. When we meet to discuss the vision, we will also outline a project timeline to help you get a realistic sense of when you can expect to see your new sign.

Signage Estimate

We understand that cost and budgeting are very important parts of your decision-making process. After our initial consultation, we’ll prepare a proposal for the project. Due to the custom nature of our signs, our proposal will reflect the specific design elements and inputs that you have provided to us. And as with any custom project, there are a variety of approaches, each with their individual advantages and disadvantages, and of course, reflecting a range of investment options. It is our goal to provide a proposal and concept that meets all of your requirements – quality, effectiveness, and value. After all, your signage investment must provide an attractive ROI, as would any other investment in your business.

Keeping Signage Projects on Track & on Budget

It is our intention to keep clients fully advised of project timelines, and progress through the permitting, fabrication and installation process. Although we cannot always control the time for approval by the property manager, or the city permitting process, we do everything that we can to keep the process moving forward to meet our clients’ deadlines. And for any specific project, we will always provide our best projection of the total project timeline prior to beginning. Should either the property manager or the city require changes that will impact pricing (for example changes in size or type of illumination), Starfish will immediately advise the client of the changes, and obtain approval to proceed. Pricing could increase or decrease, depending the specific changes being mandated.