Photo features the front of the Mesa Church building; it's a white building with two doors and black accents and roofing

Mesa Church: Creating a Welcoming Space for Worship

The Client

Mesa Church has a long history in Orange County, CA, beginning under a different name (the Newport Mesa Christian Center) in 1935 in Newport Beach and continuing through today. The church moved to a new location in Irvine, and Starfish Signs was pleased to design, fabricate, and install interior and exterior signage and graphics for them.

Photo features the front of the Mesa Church building; it's a white building with two doors and black accents and roofing

We excel at start-to-finish projects like this that encompass all of the signage in a building. When we work on the entire building, we can help our clients ensure their space is easy to navigate and visually cohesive. 

This is especially important for a church where they want to ensure their congregation and visitors feel welcome and comfortable. That sense of community informed all of our work on this project. 

Challenges & Solutions

So that their location was easily visible, Mesa Church chose two different types of illuminated outdoor wall-mounted signs. Unfortunately, we encountered a problem permitting an Illuminated aluminum cabinet with push-through acrylic letters sign at their main entrance. We were not allowed to install it in their desired location, so we had to be flexible and creative to ensure the entrance would still be well-marked and welcoming while meeting the City’s permitting requirements. 

Our permitting specialist, Laura, worked with the City of Irvine to approve the designs and placements. The process included working through client, landlord, association, and City approvals. In the end, we obtained permits and completed the fabrication and installation of two new building-mounted, illuminated Mesa Church logo signs. 

We then turned our attention inside the building, where we needed to deliver what our client envisioned. Mesa Church’s team designed large-scale wall graphics that reflect their mission and make the interior spaces modern and inviting. They also provided us with signage ideas that would allow their visitors and congregation to navigate the space comfortably.

Our project management team wanted to ensure Mesa Church’s strong brand identity was reflected in all these physical signs and graphics, big and small alike. They ensured that the final products were high-quality and brand-aligned, from production to print and color management.  

Photo shows interior of Mesa Church - a room has gray walls and text on a wall reads There's Always Room At The Table

The Results

Installation of the signs was also important in reinforcing the sense of community. Now, ADA-compliant elevator, restroom, and exit signs ensure that all visitors can safely find their way around the building. Clear and well-branded room identification and directional signs allow the congregation to come together in large and small groups to further their mission. 

We love working on whole-building projects like Mesa Church. We love seeing a finished space with helpful and informative signage, brand-aligned graphics, and a cohesive look and feel, from the outdoor signs to the labeling of the smallest closet.

We greatly appreciate this opportunity to work with Mesa.  They have a strong and well-defined brand, are clear on their message, and are a very collaborative client.

Photo shows interior of Mesa Church - a white wall has blue geometric shapes painted on it, as well as the words Mesa Kids & Students

Signage Types:


  • Illuminated aluminum cabinet with push-through acrylic letters
  • Halo-illuminated channel letters


  • ADA-compliant elevator, restroom signs, and exit 
  • Room ID and directional signs
  • Evacuation maps
  • Blade signs
  • Large-scale wall graphics

Capabilities Used:

  • Consulting & Estimates
  • Turnkey Project Management
  • Permitting
  • Fabrication
  • Installation 
  • ADA Compliance

The final project scope included 65 interior signs, approximately 2,500 square feet of colorful and motivational wall graphics, and two exterior wall-mounted signs. 

Testimonial from Pete Campbell (Worship Pastor at Mesa Church):

“We had an exceptional experience with Starfish Signs & Graphics as they flawlessly installed our interior and exterior signage, along with stunning vinyl wall pieces that beautifully captured the essence of our vision as Mesa Church. Their attention to detail, professionalism, and ability to bring our ideas to life truly exceeded our expectations, making them an invaluable partner in creating a welcoming and inspiring environment for our congregation.”