Warning signs on fence at construction site with symbols for compulsory protective gear to enter, legs of worker in boots in background.

ANSI-Compliant Safety Signage Solutions Tailored to Your Facility

Manufacturing and distribution facilities face particular challenges when ensuring the safety of their employees, visitors, and guests. These facilities often contain a variety of vehicles and industrial equipment or pose unique hazards, including:

Construction site health and safety message rules sign board signage on fence boundary
  • Chemical
  • Electrical
  • Thermal
  • Radiological

Effective safety signage helps ensure people are aware of on-site risks, reinforces safety messages, and provides compliance with OSHA laws and other safety standards such as those prescribed by The American National Standards Institute (ANSI). 

OSHA vs. ANSI Signage

Both OSHA and ANSI signs have established styles and guidelines to ensure that important safety information is communicated easily, quickly, and consistently. Typically, OSHA signs use upper-case lettering and are primarily text. ANSI signs employ visual alerts and symbols with upper- and lower-case lettering. 

Because they utilize imagery, ANSI signs may better communicate across languages.

Types of Signage

Safety signage encompasses a broad range of categories, including:

  • Construction Safety
  • Ladder and Lift Safety
  • Fall Protection Safety
  • Clothing and Equipment Safety
  • Workplace Surfaces Safety
  • Occupational Health and Safety
  • Lockout/Tagout Safety
  • Safety Training Development and Delivery

Examples of Safety Signs

Here are just a handful of examples of workplace safety sign types:

Machine Warnings 

  • Pinch Points
  • Machine Starts Without Warning
  • Hot Surface

Trip Prevention And Fall Safety 

  • Caution Trip Hazard
  • Caution Fall Hazard

Personal Protection Equipment Reminders 

  • Hearing / Eye Protection Required
  • Gloves Required

Respiratory / Inhalation Protection 

  • Danger Crystalline Silica Dust Hazard
Warning signs on fence at construction site with symbols for compulsory protective gear to enter, legs of worker in boots in background.

Because these hazards will be unique to each type of facility, there is no one comprehensive list of required safety signs for manufacturing and distribution facilities. However, at Starfish Signs, we are not just experts at fabricating and printing clear and compelling safety signs; we understand the underlying hazards and communication requirements so that we can advise on the specific content of a facility’s signs.  

In addition to our sign industry experience and knowledge, our team includes members with a long record of service in major manufacturing companies in the construction, chemical, pharmaceutical, and food processing industries. With that background, we will not only ensure that your signs look great – but we can also help you include appropriate content and effective safety messaging. Whether your safety signage needs are straightforward or highly custom, contact us today for a consultation with a project manager.