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Custom Glass Whiteboard Office Sign for Hammerhouse in San Clemente CA

Located at 209 Avenida Fabricante in Suite 150, Hammerhouse is in the business of providing candidate and client services that include on-site training, coaching and objective consultations. They are well known wholesale account executive recruiting specialists as well as mortgage headhunters. When the company needed something to add pizzazz and functionality to its conference room, its management team contacted the specialists at Starfish Signs & Graphics to create a custom glass whiteboard office sign.

Office Glass Whiteboard Signs for San Clemente, CA, Businesses

Glass whiteboard signs San Clemente CA

We discussed the company’s vision for the product with the business’ management team. After drawing up some sketches and getting the client’s approval, we manufactured a four-foot by eight-foot glass whiteboard sign. We placed the company’s logo on the top and added frosted vinyl to the back, which makes it possible to use the product as a functional whiteboard during meetings. The backing makes all writing stand out. This unusual product adds a sense of fun and novelty to the office. When you are in the business of providing innovative services, this is the type of interactive signage product you want.

Adding Interactive Signage Solutions for Your Company

Custom office whiteboard signs San Clemente CA

There are multiple interactive signage products that are ideal for office usage. The glass whiteboard is just one example. How about iPad stations that let your employees – during a conference room meeting – access a specified Intranet website that allows them to view presentations and make notes on the slides? The latter may then be downloaded to individualized employee accounts for later reference. This lets workers set up their own virtual presentation workbooks, which are accessible for use as needed by the employees.

Touch screen stations work well in a training environment setting. Rather than just having a trainer go through the information, allow trainees to explore detailed processes at their own pace. The trainer acts as an assistant, information interpreter and overall guide who keeps learners on track. In the cafeteria setting, touch screen technology helps with food selections. While providing chefs with the information needed to prepare fresh meals, the system concurrently updates product inventories.

Office whiteboard signs South Orange County

During corporate training sessions, acrylic signage allows employees to symbolize their buy-in with respect to new policies, products and mergers. Acrylic is a perfect writing surface. When you opt for the addition of an anti-graffiti coating, you can wipe off the signatures and writing after each use. Doing so lets you re-use the acrylic signage product repeatedly. You might even consider the combination of a sign and whiteboard setup, which brands and markets even in your training or conference room.

Ordering Your Interactive or Custom Whiteboard Office Signs in San Clemente, CA

Contact our professionals today for innovative office signage that adds a level of interactivity you never had previously. We work with your management team to visualize options for signage products that you may have never used before. In the alternative, we can help you discover how to turn standard signage products into interactive versions that enhance the look and feel of your office space. Whether you need added pizzazz, functionality or just some fun way of combining your branding with a usable product, we can help.

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