Vehicle graphics for small business owners San Clemente CA

The Importance of Vehicle Graphics for Small Business Marketing

You run a small business. This is not where you want to stop. You envision your list of clients growing so that you can employ people. You want to grow and become a midsize company in your area. Vehicle graphics for small business marketing in South Orange County can help make this vision become a reality. Yet do not just take our word for it. There are plenty of stats and studies to back it up.

Vehicle graphics for small business owners South Orange County

Extend Your Reach Dramatically

The professionals at Starfish Signs & Graphics like to use the high-quality vehicle vinyl products from 3M when manufacturing your wrap, graphics or lettering. The American Trucking Association points out that just one intra-city truck with a professional graphics display can “generate up to 16 million visual impressions” in just one short year. This is a staggering number when you consider that the average wrap lasts at least five years.

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Ad agency RYP & Becker Group further researched the effectiveness of the medium and discovered that ad displays on trucks are recalled by 97 percent of respondents. Overwhelming, respondents attributed a positive image to the company that is using this marketing method. It is clear that vehicle graphics are not just noticeable but are actually getting noticed.

Targeting Your Approach

Vehicle graphics for small business owners San Clemente CA

The traditional billboard ad puts you at the mercy of the traffic that goes past the location. If you are lucky, quite a few members of your target demographic go past the sign and see its message. If the traffic does not consist of these potential customers, you are displaying your ad to a group of consumers who are unlikely to respond to your product or service offer.

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Vehicle graphics for small business owners in South Orange County succeed at meeting your target demographic where it may be found. In fact, 3M conducted its own study with 10 Snapple trucks. Over the course of three months, the company tracked the movements of the trucks and effectiveness of the message. They found that fleet graphics succeed at “generating a large number of impressions.”

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In addition, mobile advertising – versus stationary billboards – is far more successful at optimizing the targeting of your preferred demographic. When you compare the cost of this advertising medium to other marketing solutions, you will be pleasantly surprised to learn that the wrap costs the least on a per-impression price comparison.

The Wrap Grows with the Business

5 Reasons to Use Vehicle Graphics in South Orange County

You are not locked into a static ad message for the duration of the wrap’s life. In fact, because 3M understands that mobile marketing calls for frequent upgrades and changes, the company has manufactured products that facilitate inexpensive quick changes and wrap additions. The same is true for graphics and lettering products.

Whether you intend to wrap one vehicle or an entire fleet of cars, trucks or vans, talk to our experts to get more information on this product and its effectiveness. We work with you to create a look that is uniquely yours and identifies your small business. Our experts can help you to create a design that looks great on a broad range of vehicle makes and models. Call us today to get started.

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