Acrylic panel lobby signs San Clement CA

Clear Solutions Displays New Acrylic Panel Logo Lobby Sign

Clear Solutions is headquartered at 942 Calle Amanecer. This company is in the business of fluid handling products and related filtration devices. Catering largely to engineers and corporate clients in the industrial sector, the business also works with utilities, the food and beverage industry as well as oil and gas companies. Wanting to brand their business with a lobby sign that would be as innovative as their business niche, the company’s management team contacted Starfish Signs & Graphics for assistance.

Clear Acrylic for Clear Solutions

Acrylic panel lobby signs San Clement CA

Acrylic panels a popular choice!

Loyal readers of this blog already know that we specialize in branding with a multi-faceted signage approach. When it is difficult for a company to find the signage that bespeaks its niche and marketing message, we are usually the experts they call in. In this case, we consulted with the business’ management team and decided on the design of an acrylic lobby marker.

Acrylic panel logo lobby signs for San Clemente, CA, manufacturers and companies in the industrial sector are an excellent vehicle for getting out the branding message. The versatility of the medium does not disappoint and lends itself to a broad range of design approaches. In the case of Clear Solutions, we began with a clear acrylic panel to which we added dimensional letters that spell out the company’s name and display its logo. We customized the coloration to match that found on the website. In addition, we spelled out the niche detail. We installed the marker with brushed aluminum offsets.

Visually Striking is a Need (not a want)

Acrylic Panel Logo Lobby Signs San Clemente CA

Easy to add your logo!

You cannot afford to compromise on the visual appeal of your signage. Could this business have gone with a standard marker? Sure! But would it have been as suitable for branding the company? Probably not. The trick here is to do more than simply look at the way a business sets up its lobby.

Sure, we go in and do a site survey. We take measurements of the focal wall and also take into consideration the use of colors and textures. Then, we go one step further. We educate ourselves on the nature of our client’s business. We learn about the products and the business model. It is only by taking the extra time to do so that we can adequately suggest a signage solution for a company’s branding needs.

When you install the right type of marker, you succeed at setting the stage for consumer expectations. They quickly grasp your approach to your chosen field and form an opinion of your company simply by taking in – consciously and subconsciously – the messages that you are sending with your signage. In so doing, you actually make the jobs of your sales team a lot easier. Customers want to understand your business approach and are far more ready to sign on the dotted line when they come to form their expectations early during the visit.

Getting Started

Talk to our skilled artists and technicians to find out more about acrylic panel lobby signs for San Clemente businesses. Of course, we also work with a broad range of other signage materials such as foam, plastic PVC, wood or glass. Let’s see what we can do for your company!

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