Business Sign Types: Each Type and How to Use Them

There are dozens of business sign types that you can use to attract more customers and direct them to pertinent information and assistance. Business signs are a wise investment capable of increasing brand awareness by nearly 50% and purchases by roughly 30%. Customer experience and loyalty also increase just by adding a business sign.


Not sure which business sign type is best for your business? Keep reading below to learn more about each business sign type and why they are useful. 

Pylon Signs


Pylon signs are large signs onlookers can see from far away. Hotels, gas stations, restaurants, and shopping centers are most likely to use these signs along highways and busy areas. The freestanding sign is held by a post or two and is great when needing to promote one business or several of them.



Awnings, also known as illuminated awnings or lighted canopy signs, are a cost-effective sign that any business can use to draw attention to their business. For the best results, place awnings at the front of your business.

Monument Signs


Monument business signs are freestanding, permanent signs that are perfect for businesses that want to keep a low profile. These signs are great for any type of business, as most monument signs provide the exact location of a business for customers to find. Furthermore, residential companies, churches, and shopping centers often use monument signs.  

Dimensional Sign Letters


Dimensional sign letters are made of letters customizable in size and depth. Businesses have the option of being able to light them up or not using neon or LED lights. These signs work well anywhere and can be used outdoors, indoors, or as part of the wall and windows of your business. 

Wayfinding Signs

If your business is located in a hard place for customers to find or have various directories, you can help them out with wayfinding signs. Many hospitals, shopping centers, and courts use this as a straightforward way to guide visitors to their locations. You can enhance this business sign’s overall use by adding maps or interactive features for people needing help to get to the right place. 

Electronic Signs 

Electronic signs are one of the few signs that are hard to miss. These signs are most helpful for businesses that want to alert customers to new information. Additionally, the bright lights are especially effective at night.


Electronic signs allow you to easily change messages, making it one of the more versatile signs. Many businesses also use electronic interior signs

Vehicle Signs  

You can also attract customers on the go by taking advantage of vehicle signs. This is one of the many business sign types that you can use to garner more attention because it is a moving form of advertisement rather than a stationary one. Eyes are more attracted to movement so promoting your business while on the move gets more viewership.

Find the Best Business Sign Type for Your Company with Starfish Signs and Graphics

Business sign types can help you gain more profit by assisting new customers in finding you. They are also great at helping you retain a larger customer base. If you need a business sign, whether indoors or outdoors, start a quote online with Starfish Signs and Graphics or contact us at (949) 354-6393 today.