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What to Look for In Sign Removal Services

As a business owner, you need customers to be able to find your location easily. Nothing works better to bring customers to your doorstep like a high-quality sign. Believe it or not, more than 76 percent of customers visit stores for the first time because of their signage.

Those signs work for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and, as a result, suffer some serious wear and tear. Eventually, you’ll need to get rid of your old sign and replace it with a new one, but you need to make sure you hire the right signage removal services to help.

If you’ve never had a sign removed, you’re probably not sure where to start. Here’s what you need to look for when choosing a signage removal pro.

Free Consultations and Estimates

Signage removal is an involved process that impacts the interior and exterior of your building. Though many companies offer the service, not all of them are capable of keeping your business looking great or getting the job done at a price you can afford.

This means you’ll need to speak with several companies to find the right fit for your business. Look for signage removal services that offer free consultations and estimates.

If you have to pay for a consultation, you’re working with the wrong company!

Use that consultation to find out what the team will need to do to safely remove the sign, how much it will cost to get everything hauled away, and how long they think the task will take. Remember, the best company may not be the cheapest. Try not to base your decision solely on price and instead choose an expert you can rely on.

Help with Permits and Building Code Compliance

Believe it or not, you can’t always hang signs or install them just anywhere on your property. City building codes have requirements that specify where businesses can and can’t install signs. The city may also require you to get permits before you can have any work done on the property.

The right sign removal team can help you secure those permits and should be familiar with building codes in your area. If they’re not willing to help you or aren’t familiar with local building codes, keep looking.

Valid Business Insurance

Before you ever let a contractor work on your property, you need to make sure they have the right insurance in place. At a bare minimum, the sign removal company should have valid liability insurance and workers’ compensation coverage.

If the company doesn’t have those insurance policies in place and something happens during their work, you could be liable for the damages or injuries.

Before you agree to work with anyone, ask for proof of their insurance policies. Reputable and trustworthy companies will happily provide you with the necessary documents. If the company won’t offer proof of insurance or tells you they don’t have insurance, don’t work with them.

A Waste Containment Plan

Removing signs can get messy fast. Not only do you have the old sign materials that you need to contain, but you also have the tools, safety equipment, and debris to deal with. This means the sign removal service you choose should have a waste containment plan in place for your property.

The point of the plan is to keep old sign materials from interfering with your business. If those materials get in the way, they pose a threat to your customers’ experiences and the safety of your property. If a company can’t outline which steps they’ll take to keep your business clean while they’re working, you need to find a different service.

Patching and Repairs

It’s normal for the building and support structure behind the old sign to need some repairs after the sign gets removed. Unfortunately, not all companies can help with those repairs and you’ll need to find someone else to work with before you can install a new sign.

You can save yourself the trouble by working with a sign removal expert that can make the necessary fixes for you. This way, you’ll be ready to install your new sign as soon as possible and can get your business looking great more quickly.

Flexible Hours to Reduce Impact

You need your business to be up and running during regular business hours to avoid a loss in profits and productivity. This means you’ll want to try to schedule an appointment with a sign removal team outside of your regular business hours or at least during your slow times.

This helps reduce the impact that the removal will have on your business and your customers.

Look for a service that is willing to work with your schedule to find a time that will minimize disruption to your business’s operation. If they’re not willing to find a time that works for you, they’re not the right team to partner with.

Recycling of Old Materials

Believe it or not, some sign elements can get recycled and reused in new signs. Unfortunately, not every company recycles materials or finds new uses for those old materials.

The best signage removal services will know how to either recycle old materials or dispose of them properly. They may even be able to haul away those materials for you so you won’t have to worry about finding a legal dump site.

Ability to Handle New Sign Installation

Sign removal requires a different skill set than sign installation. If you’re not careful, you may end up having to hire two different companies to take care of removal and the installation of your new sign.

Look for a company that can handle both. This way, you’ll get your new sign installed as quickly as possible and won’t have to worry about customers not being able to find your business.

Find the Right Signage Removal Services for Your Business

Upgrading your business’s signage can make your building look brand new and is almost guaranteed to attract more customers. You just need to get rid of your old sign before you can install the new one.

Just make sure you work with the right signage removal services experts.

Contact us today to schedule a consultation. Our team will help you with everything from removing your old sign to installing your new one.