Vinyl floor graphics San Clemente CA

Using Floor Graphics to Advertise and Guide!

One of the most underutilized advertising surfaces is the floor. It is an unusual place to put an ad. As a result, it can become one of the most successful marketing tools that you can employ. Shake things up and make bold statements. Assist customers with wayfinding. Simply brand your venue with the repetition of a logo design. What are your options when you want to use floor graphics to advertise and guide in San Clemente, CA?

Wayfinding and Marketing

How to use floor graphics in San Clemente CA

Lead customers to your various departments where deep discounts await them. While you could use simple shelf-mounted markers, you will be more effective if you combine them with floor graphics that depict footsteps, arrows or even dollar signs. Using this same idea also works when you open up seasonal departments such as gift-wrapping stations for the winter holidays or shipping counters. Use floor graphics to direct larger crowds.

Branding and Co-branding

Vinyl floor graphics San Clemente CA

Creating brand awareness calls for the repetition of specific types of products that you want to be known for. Getting the consumer to connect your store’s name with the product makes you the go-to choice the next time that the customer needs this particular item. Floor graphics right at the entrance to your store alert the shopper to the presence of a particular brand.

By the way, another effective tool for generating brand awareness is the display of co-branding signage. In this setup, your store’s name and logo appears on the same advertising display as the manufacturer’s name and logo. Put several of these types of floor graphic logos around your store.

Setting the Tone for Interactions

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One of the best uses for vinyl floor graphics in San Clemente, CA, is the display of sayings, tag lines, mottos or mission statements. Kept brief, these chunks of text define who you are as a business or institution. They help consumers to connect you to the words and thereby create an atmosphere that leads to expectations. When you or your staff members fulfill these expectations, your customers or clients leave happy. Setting the tone in this manner for all types of interactions works well in schools, stores, banks, non-profit organizations and just about anywhere else.

Reeling in the Foot Traffic

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Do shoppers know that you stock the latest gadget that everyone just has to have this holiday season? Do they know that you offer complimentary gift-wrapping, a lay-away plan and assemble toys or furniture upon request? Floor graphics let everyone know what you offer before they even set foot inside your venue. Simply install this type of information right outside your venue. Since floor graphics attach to all types of substrates – tiles, rough cement or carpeting – it is useful in any indoor or outdoor setting.

When you are ready to learn more about floor graphics and how they can change the way you do business this winter, contact the professionals at Starfish Signs & Graphics for more information. Our graphic artists help you with the design, the wording, printing, and the ideal placement locations for the graphics. Call us today to get started on your order.

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