Architectural Window Films San Clemente CA

Using Architectural Window Films Inside Your San Clemente Offices

You could spend a lot of money on an overhaul of your office’s interior. Fresh paint, new furniture and perhaps some pieces of wall art are sure to give your space the pizzazz your company needs. Then again, you may be able to avoid the cost and inconvenience to your business with little more than the installation of versatile interior architectural window films. In San Clemente, CA, and its surrounding areas, more and more companies are coming to realize that beautifying the glass partitions and windows of an office space can have a huge impact on the locale’s overall look and feel.

A Factory-Direct Look at an Affordable Price

Architectural Window Films San Clemente CA

Bring up the topic of window films, and almost everyone immediately envisions the look of frosted glass. This is not yesteryear’s vinyl product. Modern frosted film provides a combination of light diffusion and privacy that does not minimize the incoming brightness. The products have gotten thinner, which results in an almost imperceptible covering over the glass panes themselves. Unless you know that you are dealing with an overlay, you are sure to buy into the illusion that the glass was treated with a frosting at the factory.

It does not stop there. Frosting a glass pane used to be an all or nothing proposition. This is no longer the case. Gradient products now make it possible to have the frosted look gradually become more pronounced. As a result, the upper portion of the display may be almost translucent while the bottom portion is slowly becoming more opaque. Choose this product to enhance privacy in an office or hide from view any overstock or file boxes that may find storage in a room with glass windows.

Textures, Shapes and Colors Combine

Frosted vinyl window graphics San Clemente CA

Cutting out your company’s logo or a niche-specific image is always a great idea. This brings definition to the look of the glass and adds your branding message. Why stop there? Graphic patterns that mimic the décor of your walls or rugs tie together the look of your office. Cutting them out of a frosted overlay is a snap. When you do not need the privacy that frosting provides but would rather like to enjoy the beauty that one of the many available textures bring to the panes, select a window film that features horizontal or vertical displays in keeping with the overall spatial dimensions of the room.

Last, but not least, consider the introduction of colors. Sure, the majority of frosted and etched materials is white or gray, but why not select a mosaic design with slight golden tones or a leaf imprint with hints of sage green? Bolder colors, too, are available. They mimic the look of stained glass, combine the appearance of a frosted display with cloudy colorings or bring bronze tones to the glass.

Discuss Your Architectural Window Film Options with an Expert

Conference Room Window Graphics San Clemente CA

The experts at Starfish Signs & Graphics understand the importance of using office window graphics for San Clemente, CA, modern properties. Plenty of glass is a hallmark of the highly desirable open space floor plan that so many office buildings now favor. Reinventing your look and overall atmosphere with the use of vinyl products is therefore highly effective and budget-friendly. Contact us today to learn more about your options and the potential impact this office renovation could have.

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