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How To Properly Clean Your Acrylic Shields

Do Not Use Alcohol or Other Solvents on Acrylic Shields

The most important thing to understand before cleaning acrylic or plexiglass shields is to never use harmful solvents. Especially refrain from using alcohol such as methyl, ethyl, isopropanol, or acetone. Cleaning acrylic in this manner will lead to microfractures and cloudiness, compromising surface integrity. In short, using harsh solvents will deteriorate shields at a rapid rate, costing you time and money. Click here to watch an extensive video about the harmful effect alcohol has on acrylic and plexiglass products.

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Safe Acrylic Shield Cleaning Methods

Now that we know what cleaners not to use, here are some safe alternatives to keep your acrylic shields in tip-top shape! The first product Starfish recommends is Brillianize Glass and Acrylic Aquarium Cleaner/Polish from Various Brillianize products are also available for purchase on Amazon. Offered in 8oz or 32oz bottles, this cleaner is an effective solution for keeping acrylic surfaces clear and damage free. Click here to watch a short video explaining the usefulness of the product.

Another option is Rolite Plastic and Acrylic Cleaner from (It is also available for purchase on Amazon.) Rolite offers a variety of bottle sizes from 4oz, 8oz, 16oz, and even gallon purchase options to fit your needs.

If purchasing a specialty cleaner for your acrylic is not in the cards, that is okay too! Simply using a mild soap and warm water can effectively keep your shields clean and safe from damage.


We hope you find these tips helpful. Please reach out to us with any questions or concerns, and stay safe!