The Real Facts on Real Estate Signs

As a real estate agent, advertising a house that you are selling is of the utmost importance. One of the main ways to attract attention lies in a small rectangular sign situated in the front yard of the house you are selling. Real estate yards signs, or yard signs as they are more commonly referred to, are the first step in selling a house. While these signs may appear simple, there are more options available for creating these signs than you would think and some are geared towards lesser quality and lesser price, whereas other are priced slightly higher but are made to a much higher quality standard.

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There are two ways these real estate signs can be printed. The first way is by screen-printing, which involves creating stencils and applying ink in layers across the surface of the sign. This process allows many signs of the same design to be produced cheaply and quickly, but it has its drawbacks as well. Adding complex colors and designs can be tricky using screen-printing and the overall quality of the sign is lower. Additionally, there is no UV protection on a sign that has been screen printed, which will lead to faster sun fading. The alternative printing process is the one used primarily at Starfish Signs and Graphics, which is digital printing. The graphics for the real estate signs are digitally printed onto vinyl and are then laminated with a UV protective layer before being applied to the surface of the sign. The team at Starfish Signs and Graphics uses this method because it produces higher quality graphics that look better and last longer, giving our customers the best possible product.

In addition to different printing techniques, there are different materials on which the signs can be printed as well. The most common material used to make real estate yard signs is coroplast, or corrugated plastic sheets. Coroplast is cheap, easy to cut and work with and provides a great signage option for realtors looking to advertise a home for sale. However, as coroplast is a cheap plastic, is can bend and fold easily and it is not the most durable signage substrate. An alternative to coroplast is an aluminum composite material, made by laminating thin sheets of aluminum onto a high-density plastic core. Aluminum composite panels make a great substrate for real estate yard signs because they are durable, easy to use and very clean looking. Aluminum composite signs are slightly more expensive than coroplast signs, but they are much longer lasting

In the end, the options surrounding real estate yard signs are numerous and put the power in the hands of the customer as far as price and look. At Starfish Signs and Graphics, we employ numerous methods to create these signs and we always seek to meet our customer’s needs in a cost-effective way. All of our signs are custom, so we can find the best materials, the best construction and the best price for your application. Contact Starfish Signs and Graphics today for your real estate yard sign project today and let us help you Stand Out. Be Noticed. Get Results.