glass whiteboards

The Benefits of Glass Whiteboards

Glass whiteboards, also known as glass writing boards, have taken up more and more of the whiteboard market as time has gone on. As this shift accelerated, so did the requests for larger sizes of whiteboards. These transitions are due largely to the inherent advantages of glass whiteboards, specifically with an eye to their appropriateness for executive offices and boardrooms.

What is a Glass Whiteboard?

Although we are all definitely aware of what traditional whiteboards look like, many of us have never seen a glass whiteboard. These boards, made of tempered glass are up to ten times more durable than standard glass. As such, they are incredibly durable over time, rendering the investment highly worth it. Imagine never needing to replace your whiteboard again!

Additionally, glass whiteboards can come in any color. But when you think of glass, you, like us, probably think of a mirror, a car window, or another transparent surface. While this is an option, all-glass whiteboards can be printed to mimic a traditional whiteboard, a chalkboard, a grid, a map, or any other design you’d like!

What are the Benefits of Glass Whiteboards?

Glass Whiteboards Are Infinitely Resizable

If you can imagine it, we can create a whiteboard for it! Glass marker boards come in small, personal use sizes, and can be resized to align to entire walls. However, the larger the glass board, the more nuanced the shipping and installation process is. If you opt for a large, custom whiteboard, you will definitely want to team up with us to ensure your unique needs are met, for both design and installation.

Glass Whiteboards Can Add an Edgy Twist to Your Design

It can be tricky to nail down what makes a clean, professional interior design for your office building. We have a variety of custom whiteboard options, some of which feature polished edges and square corners, while still others can be left with sanded edges and rounded corners. The moral of the story is that we can customize any whiteboard we provide to match the interior design of your company.

Glass Whiteboards Can’t Be Stained

Because glass is naturally stain-resistant, glass whiteboards lend themselves to remaining cleaner and clearer over time. Have you ever looked at a traditional whiteboard and wondered why you could see faint outlines of everything the person has ever written on it? What an unprofessional look! With glass whiteboards, you can maintain a crisp, gleaming surface in your conference rooms.

Glass Whiteboards Are the Most Durable

As glass whiteboards are made of tempered glass fused to high-performance steel, they stand out in their overall durability. In other words, they are stronger than the other types of dry erase boards being sold on the market.

Glass Whiteboards Have a Variety of Functions

Traditional whiteboards have two simple functions. You can write on them and you can erase what you wrote. For many people, especially in an ever-changing business landscape, that is a pretty low level of functionality. With glass whiteboards, you can write and erase. Furthermore, you can magnetize anything you’d like to a glass whiteboard, which offers a variety of options for utility. And finally, glass boards are increasingly being used as a ‘canvas’ for logos, inspirational messages, and artwork.

Glass Whiteboards Are More Sanitary Than Other Boards

A glass whiteboard is made of glass, rather than the pressboard that traditional whiteboards are made of. These cannot be cleaned with bleach or other harsh chemicals in the way that a glass whiteboard can. This ensures your surface remains shiny and bacteria-free!

Glass Whiteboards are Eco-Friendly

Unlike plastic, which can be derived from fossil fuels, and pressboard, which is derived from trees, glass is made from sand. Because this is a renewable resource, it doesn’t contain chemicals that can negatively impact your health. Additionally, glass is easily recycled! In the rare instance that you decide to repurpose your glass whiteboard, the possibilities are endless!

Trust Starfish Signs with Your Glass Whiteboard Design

Although it can feel like a paradigm shift, magnetic glass whiteboards are clearly the best-designed choice for your office space. Be sure to think before you purchase! Glass whiteboards offer a host of features that their standard counterparts do not. Best of all, Starfish Signs is here to assist you with whatever you need to customize your whiteboard experience exactly as you need.