The Starfish Signs Graphic Design Team

The Starfish Signs Design Team Proud to Be Graduates of Saddleback College!

Located at 28000 Marguerite Parkway in Mission Viejo, Saddleback College is a premier Orange County academic facility that provides relevant career training as well as championship athletics. At Starfish Signs & Graphics, we are familiar – first hand! – with the high-quality training that the college offers. Our very own designers, Paul and Nicolette, were successful students at Saddleback College and learned their skills via the graphic design program.

Bringing Advanced Skills to the Table

The Starfish Signs Graphic Design Team

Nicolette studied communication at the UC Santa Barbara before studying graphic design at Saddleback. Paul received a breadth of training and education at Saddleback that now enables him to catch the client’s vision with ease and expand on it. Although it is true that it takes an innate ability and artistic talent to be a good graphic designer, it takes thorough training and a familiarity with the tools of the trade to become a great one. Both Paul and Nicolette exemplify this idea.

What Sets Apart the Saddleback Program?

For starters, the graphic design certificate and degree program is put together with the needs of the modern graphic designer in mind. Each phase of the process receives detailed attention. Whether it is idea origination or finish work, the subject matter receives methodical classroom exploration and hands-on training. Since a student does not know what area of the graphic design process is the most challenging for her or him, each discipline receives extensive instruction.

Moreover, the college encourages the enrollment in coursework that may not be required for the major but would greatly enhance its applicability. This attention to detail and care for the overall preparation of graphic artists, who are able to step into a high-tech sign shop and immediately begin working, is not something that all career colleges provide. As such, Saddleback succeeds at enabling natural artists to use their talents in commercial ventures.

Why Specialty Training Benefits You

As you might imagine, we greatly benefited from the college’s program by gaining two team members who hit the ground running and became valued members of our professional setup right away. As a client of Starfish Signs & Graphics, you not only profit from the technical know-how and business expertise of the shop’s owners. You also benefit from the talent that our graphic designers bring to the table.

Add to this the formal training they received, and it makes sense that when you entrust your signage project to them, you come out ahead. They use the training they received at Saddleback and turn it into a superior product that is visually faultless and functional for your purposes. Yet it goes further than this. The specialty training our graphic artists received ensures that your signage is on the cutting edge of the trends and meets all modern standards. It identifies your company as a business that is relevant to today’s consumers.

When you want to find out more about the training the Starfish Signs design team underwent, call us and talk to them. They love to talk shop! When you want to see them in action, bring us your next signage project. We are certain that they will amaze you.

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