Stylish California Bathroom Signage


Let Starfish Signs and Graphics create ADA bathroom signs that match the style and colors of your office!

The time has come to update your existing bathroom signage so that it complies with state and federal regulations, but you don’t want generic bathroom signs, you want signs that are stylized with your colors and ideas. More importantly, you’re not sure of all of the requirements for bathroom signage under the Americans with Disabilities Act and California State law. That’s why the professionals at Starfish Signs and Graphics wanted to share some tips with you on creating customized bathroom signage in California so that you can rest at ease knowing your bathroom signage can match the color scheme of the rest of your office.

Many people see the generic blue and white bathroom signs and assume that bathroom signage must be made in those colors. However, both state and federal regulations for bathroom signage only require that the colors on the signage contrast so that persons with limited vision can read the signs more easily. So, the signs can be made in a color scheme that fits into the look of your office.

While federal law only requires that bathroom signs be placed on the wall adjacent to the latch of the bathroom door, the State of California has an additional requirement that signage must be placed on the bathroom doors as well. A 12” equilateral triangle must be placed, centered, on the door for a men’s bathroom and a 12” circle must be placed on the door for a women’s bathroom. The symbols serve as a form of tactile communication, indicating the gender of each bathroom.

There also must be a 1/8” raised, tactile pictogram of the handicap-accessible pictogram on the door sign if the bathroom is handicap-accessible. If not, there must be a sign on the adjacent wall with the handicap pictogram and a tactile arrow point to the closest handicap-accessible bathroom.

The reasoning behind California’s unique set of regulation stems from before the ADA was passed into law. The State of California was the pioneer in regulating signage that assisted disabled persons. California originally had the triangle and circle signage on the doors, however when the ADA regulations were being considered, the federal government decided not to mandate the signs on doors for fear that people would be struck by the doors when trying to touch or read the signs up close. California decided to keep its original regulations, though, which is why California is the only state requiring both types of signs.

The professionals at Starfish Signs and Graphics have experience creating ADA and California compliant bathroom signage and would love to help you to create the signage you want today!