Photo shows the front of the business - the green building reads "Plant Depot: Nursery & Gift" in white lettering. Plants and mulch are stacked in front of the doorway

Signs of Growth: Plant Depot’s Rebrand

The Client

Knowing that we named ourselves Starfish, you might guess that we are drawn to nature and the beauty that surrounds us in Southern California. That attraction is part of why we love partnering with Plant Depot, a plant nursery and home decor store. This family-owned business is a local favorite for people who want to beautify their homes, grow fresh veggies, or take care of their citrus trees. We say that confidently because even when we aren’t visiting to discuss a project, we are often there on weekends for our own garden needs. 

Recently, after celebrating 25 years in the community, Plant Depot went through a complete rebranding process. Once their new logo and brand identity were established, Plant Depot came to us to ensure that their refreshed brand was reflected in their nursery and retail space. 

Challenges & Solutions

Plant Depot doesn’t have a traditional office space. It doesn’t even have a typical retail space. Signage for large buildings and sprawling acreage like theirs comes with specific challenges and demands. 

Weather is a factor, so when brainstorming what materials to use, we aimed to not only comply with their brand look and feel but also with the rigors Mother Nature will put the signage through. 

While we enjoy spending an afternoon wandering through Plant Depot’s garden shop and nursery, clear wayfinding signage is important so customers can quickly and easily find what they are looking for. 

The Results

This project was a lot of fun as we developed, fabricated, and installed signage solutions that would make the space welcoming and easy to navigate while not distracting from the beauty of their products, plants, and natural environment. 

A photo of a navigation sign in Plant Depot's outside yard; arrows point in different directions to guide guests to different buildings or shopping sections (ex. "Vegetables")

One way we accomplished this was with a directional signpost. Often used in parks and town centers, this type of signage literally points the way to where one needs to go. For Plant Depot’s signpost, the arrows are clearly labeled and point in specific directions, making it easier to read than a flat sign trying to communicate all of that information. Since these signposts are tall and skinny, they can be seen from a distance to help navigate, yet they take up little space, and the colors blend into the sky, plants, and soil, avoiding being distracting or obtrusive. The signposts also act as local landmarks to give visitors a sense of space.

Photo shows the front of the business - the green building reads "Plant Depot: Nursery & Gift" in white lettering. Plants and mulch are stacked in front of the doorway

For the main barn building, co-owner Jennifer Kittle came to us with a specific idea: a striking but minimal routed acrylic sign. We identified the right materials to use and delivered the look she envisioned while fabricating it to withstand the winds and weather. 

Photo of a green van, which reads "Plant Depot: Fine Nursery & Gift Boutique"

Finally, we provided some signage that meets an awareness marketing need. We wrapped their van so that when Plant Depot staff and botanical experts are on the road transporting and delivering, they will remind other drivers where they should go for their landscaping needs. 

We just feel like a priority to them. They know who we are, care about our goals, and listen to what we are trying to achieve. They listen, but then they also make recommendations based on their expertise that I wouldn’t have. I trust them to interpret my goals and translate those to be the most cost-effective, attractive, and sensible for my business. They always execute in a way that exceeds my expectations.

Jennifer Kittle, second-generation co-owner Plant Depot

Signage Types


  • Custom Routed Dimensional Lettering
  • Vehicle Wrap
  • Wayfinding Arrows Sign

Capabilities Used

  • Consulting & Estimates
  • Project Management
  • Fabrication
  • Installation 

We Loved This Project – And We’ll Love Yours, Too!

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