Lobby and Business Signs for Technology Businesses and Startups in Irvine


Irvine, California has a short history as a City, but a long history as a region. From its settlement by the Gabrielino Indians more than 12,000 years ago, to its passage from Spanish to Mexican to US control in the 1800’s, the Irvine region has played a prominent role in Southern California history. Over the last 10-20 years, the City of Irvine has become known as a kind of incubator region for technology, medical, software and supply chain start-ups and innovators.


In the Technology and Startup markets, particularly in the Irvine area, brand awareness is more than just a useful tool for increasing revenue: it is paramount. The success of emerging and technology field companies relies on getting the word out about services or offerings, and most importantly, letting people know that your new app or technology or service is something that the world can’t live without.

Most technology and startup companies already know the necessity of a website and of a social media presence, but many tech and startup companies overlook the benefits of another important tool for brand awareness: lobby and business signage. Lobby signs and business signs are an important tool for making people aware of your company too. Here are some of the benefits:


business signSignage has always been, to a large degree, about visibility. Whether you’re trying to catch the attention of a potential customer who is passing by, or trying to help a potential investor find your office, signage is the solution. Your success up to this point may have relied heavily on a great idea, but moving forward, your continued success will depend on increasing your visibility and momentum — basically, spreading the word and being noticed by the masses. A sign for your building is a valuable tool for showcasing your company to the world—particularly those who haven’t heard of you yet.


Interior Banner Foundation Gym San ClementeWhether you are trying to attract customers, talented employees or even investors to buy into your cutting edge new product or service, it’s important to show that your company is here to stay. Companies with makeshift signage (or no signage at all) do not establish confidence in the permanence of their existence. Lobby and office signs go a long way in showing that you believe in your own company. They show polish and class, as well as dedication to your idea and to your office space.


business window signOne of the defining features of the technology and startup world in recent years is that they break from the traditional, boring, corporate world. Sometimes this takes the form of a nontraditional working space, or a more relaxed environment and dress code. The most successful technology and startup companies have made their companies into more than just a business—they are a culture. A big part of that culture is the identity of the company too. And there’s no better way to represent a corporate culture to visitors and customers than through a unique, custom sign that fits the personality and identity of the company.

At Starfish Signs, we know what a creative, custom, unique sign can do for a tech or startup company, and we’re here to offer our expertise and guidance toward the perfect, custom solution for you and your business. Whatever you’re envisioning—color, material, illumination, texture—we’re ready and able to create it for you. We don’t shy away from ideas or challenges either. If you’re interested in trying something totally new or different for your sign, we have the tools and the expertise to make it work.

Take a look at our portfolio to get some inspiration, or give us a call—our signage design team is ready to bring your company’s signage to life.  And for those technology and start-up businesses located in the City of Irvine, we particularly look forward to hearing from you.  We know the City, we know its dynamism, and we relish the challenge of helping you Stand Out. Be Noticed. Get Results.