Required Exterior Signs for San Clemente CA

Impressive Handcrafted Signs for San Clemente CA!

Doing business in the downtown and Del Mar areas is a privilege. The backdrop for venues is breathtaking. The same is true for the City of San Clemente. Its commerce officials understand that one of the main attractions of this area is its unique atmosphere and feel. To protect the look, the city requests that business signage should have a handcrafted appeal to enhance the shopping experience of locals and tourists.

Handcrafted versus a Machine Look

Handcrafted Signs for San Clemente CA

Now, the city understands that exterior signs in San Clemente, CA, may appeal with a handcrafted look but are indeed made in a signage shop. The goal is to get away from plastic signs or digital prints. By reinforcing the whimsical look of the neighborhood and creating a cohesive signage display, city officials know that retailers and service providers benefit simply because it helps to put shoppers in the right mood.

What are Your Options?

Required Exterior Signs for San Clemente CA

It is interesting to note that the professionals at Starfish Signs & Graphics frequently work with companies in Del Mar that are seeking out the handcrafted look for their signage displays. Other companies do business in areas that do not necessarily require this signage appearance. That said, they understand that there is something special about this display that resonates with consumers and therefore benefits their bottom line. San Clemente business clients can benefit from our graphic artists’ experience in this area.

What type of exterior signs can I have in San Clemente

Look at the sign for Russell Stationers. Featuring wood, the sign has fabricated elements. The wood grain is somewhat visible and the whitewashing of the border beautifully brings out the darker grain portions. The slightly raised lettering displays a whimsical font that attracts shoppers. Mounted from the ceiling, it is easy to read by pedestrians. V. Lash Spa Boutique went with a similar basic design but chose to display purple lettering against a white backdrop. Mounted perpendicular to the wall, the sign attracts passersby.

Allowed Exterior Signs in San Clemente CA

The professionals at Salon Bleu chose to opt for sandblasted wood instead. The grain of the darker wood is clearly visible. In the shop, we masked off the font that names the business and allowed the pressurized sand to eat away at the rest of the sign. A dark frame accentuates the white wall to which it is attached, repeats the color scheme of the rail and finds a repeat inside the sign’s whimsical design style elements. The blue lettering reminds of the fixture’s color. A similar sign hangs as a shingle from an ornate post. This evokes old-world memories of signage installed by small shops in narrow streets.

Ordering Your Handcrafted Signs for San Clemente, CA, and Surrounding Areas

The handcrafted look is quickly catching on. Merchants understand that by reminding customers of the small shops found along narrow cobble stone streets in Europe, they are also hinting at the care that went in the manufacture of goods that are sold inside. Whether service provider or retailer, this type of look is greatly beneficial for any type of business. Contact us today to learn more about the signage product and to schedule a client consultation. We look forward to showing you how we can transform your company’s name and logo into a marker with a handcrafted appeal.

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