Impacting, Intelligently

Impact signs, sometimes referred to as lobby signs, office signs, entrance signs or reception signs, are a great way to impress your customers upon first glance or reinforce brand loyalty amongst your employees. When you see an installed lobby sign adorning the conference room, lobby or reception area of a business, you might not realize the steps that had to be taken to create that signs. Here at Starfish Signs and Graphics, we specialize in creating beautiful, state of the art office signs that add visual impact to your work space. Our experiences in creating lobby and office signs has led us to a finely-honed design process which will allow us to create the sign you want and need for your work space.

Consulting the Client

Your business’ all-star impact sign idea starts with you. We go over the requirements you have for what space the sign will occupy, what message you want the sign to convey, who will be seeing the sign and how you want the sign to look.

Creating the Concept

We take all of the information we get from you and we are able to start putting together design concepts. Usually your company logo will be featured on the sign, however your business’ impact sign can be any message you wish to promote to your customers or employees, such as a quote, a mission statement or a symbol that relates to your business. We also look at the space where the sign will be installed and look at different material combinations, including but not limited to acrylic, vinyl, foam, wood and aluminum. We can create signs on a flat surface that stand off the wall or dimensional signs where every letter has depth to it. We take into consideration all of these factors and more and create a sign concept that will have a high positive impact.

Building Your Brand

Once we have your approval, our master crafters begin building your impact sign, using a variety of tools and processes to hammer out precise details and give your signs the cutting-edge look it deserves. Our fabrication time varies from sign to sign as each one is unique, however for most projects you can expect a fast turnaround time with minimal hassle.

Installation of Your Impact Sign

Once your sign is completed, we come and install the sign at your convenience and per your specific requests. We typically like to have the business representative in charge of the project present so that they can see what the installed sign will look like and direct changes in the sign placement, if any.
Our signs hold true to their name in impacting your employees and customers as they see your sign, adding culture and value to your business or office space.