How Signs Can Save Your Business During COVID-19, Part II

In the first version of this article, we discussed all of the ways that proper signage can help your customers adapt to the challenges of social distancing during COVID-19.

Preventing the spread of the virus isn’t the only concern your business is likely facing during this time. In addition to the global health threat of the current pandemic, there are important financial effects that will impact nearly every business on the planet. 

It is essential that every company take decisive action to attract and retain customers. How to do this, though? Read on for a variety of ways to use signs to help your business get through these troubling times.

Review Your Existing Signage

If you have signage in place that promotes canceled events or events that have been postponed, you will need to remove or amend these signs swiftly. If you have rescheduled dates planned, you should print new signs for this. You can even consider printing signs that indicate that although a date has not been set, the event will be rescheduled once community health has been restored.

Similarly, if you are promoting products or services that you can no longer offer as a result of the pandemic, you will need to edit or remove these messages. 

Check your information signage. You may have had to change your business hours–this change is critical to indicate as it can make the difference between your customers retaining their loyalty to you or them placing their valuable trust elsewhere.

closed signs

Focus on Services that Make a Difference

If your business has services that will positively impact your clients during coronavirus, you should do everything that you can to get this message across. Use your signage to promote services that your customers can utilize while adhering to social distancing rules. These could include services such as online ordering, curbside delivery, contact-free service, and virtual support.

By promoting these parts of your business, not only will you be helping your customers, you could be pivoting your operations in a direction that will keep your business on an upward trajectory throughout this crisis.

Switch Your Marketing Message

If you run a retail business, in more normal circumstances, you may rely on using scarcity as an effective sales tactic in much of your display signage. Making statements such as “while stocks last” will prompt buyers to act quickly.

However, in light of the panic buying that has surrounded the coronavirus, it is essential that you don’t try to utilize this tactic. If an item is liable to run out, you may want to put buying restrictions in place in order to ensure everyone gets what they need. To do this, you will need clear product signage stating purchase limits. 

Stay Positive

Use the audience that you have to put out a message of positivity. Remind customers that you continue to be here for them. 

This is the perfect time for you to revisit your company’s mission statement and look for the most appropriate message to communicate – perhaps a little more emphasis on supporting your customers and your community, and expressing your gratitude for your loyal customers.

You may be worried about the future of your business. However, if you can convey a resilient image in the face of adversity, this may help you to build brand loyalty through a challenging period.

Voice Your Support for Frontline Workers

Use your signage to highlight the excellent work that frontline workers, such as doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals are engaging in during this time. Create signage that shows your support and gratitude for them. 

Not only is this the positive message that those around you need to see, but it is another way for your business to show that it cares, thereby vesting itself further in your community.

It may be a challenging time, but if you are able to publicly pledge support in any way through your signage, your customers and your community will notice. These are the memories that stick with folks when business as usual returns. 

positive message

Save Your Business With Signs

During the coronavirus pandemic, there is a lot of uncertainty. The messages that worked for you yesterday may not be suitable today. You’ll need to rise to the new marketing challenge.

Quick printed, well-designed signs will allow you to do just that. Get in touch today to see how Starfish Signs can help you during these challenging and uncertain times.