illuminated brushed aluminum high impact lobby sign

Creating That Critical First Impression with A High Impact Lobby Sign

We all know the importance of first impressions. Increasingly, researchers are identifying the critical subliminal factors that influence our first impressions. Many of these factors apply when designing and fabricating a high impact lobby sign.  When visitors first enter your reception area, office suite, lobby, or medical office waiting areas, what are the subliminal cues that impact their thoughts about your business? Do they have an image of professionalism, quality, attention to detail, and competence? Is your brand clear, visible, and compelling? Are the colors, fonts, and materials selected appealing to your target demographic?

You may not have previously considered corporate lobby signs from this point of view, but research indicates that lobby signs impact visitors and clients in these ways. At Starfish Signs & Graphics, we create compelling custom lobby signs to help you: Stand Out. Be Noticed. Get Results. Because our signs are custom designed and in-house fabricated, we work with you to select the design and materials that best represent your brand, work with your office décor, and match your budget requirements.

The decision pathway for developing lobby signs involves several basic questions:

  • What is the size of the wall where the sign will be located, and from what distance will it be viewed?
  • Will your sign be illuminated or non-illuminated?
  • Is your logo best represented with individually cut letters and logo elements or mounted on a panel?
  • We work with a wide variety of architectural grade materials including etched glass, acrylic, metal, wood, and combination laminates. What materials are most appropriate for your logo and your office?

With the examples shown below, we will illustrate four categories of lobby signs.  Hopefully these will serve as a starting point as you consider your own lobby sign. Please keep in mind that because all of our signs are custom, the variety of possibilities is nearly endless!

illuminated lobby sign, high impact lobby signIlluminated Signs

As represented by the Halyard Health Lobby sign, LED technology now allows a variety of illumination styles, including the “halo lighting” that you see with this sign. Given the small size of LEDs, multiple colors, and low voltage/low power requirements, internal LED illumination can be included in a number of configurations.


acrylic panel lobby sign, high impact lobby signGlass and Acrylic Panels

This High Tide photo exemplifies a panel type sign. This style is often fabricated using glass or acrylic panels, mounted with aluminum or chrome standoffs. The lettering on the signs can be vinyl lettering or dimensional letters for additional depth. The panel may left clear or further enhanced with an “etched” or “frosted glass” treatment. This type of sign has the added advantage of easy installation, and easy removability/re-installation.

dimensional lettering, high impact lobby sign, acrylic letteringDimensional Lettering

The Freedom Innovations lobby sign showcases the style of “dimensional lettering” where the letters and logo elements are mounted directly to the wall without a panel. Letters can be mounted as in this example with standoffs and spacers or mounted flush to the wall. A variety of finishes are possible. In this example, the letters were routed from 1″ thick acrylic with a combination of brushed and polished aluminum laminates on the face.

brushed aluminum lobby sign, high impact lobby signBrushed Aluminum

Although brushed aluminum laminates or finishes are possible for all lobby sign styles, we show this First Direct Lending sign as a separate example because of this style’s current popularity. As this photo illustrates, brushed aluminum shows up very well on dark surfaces like the deep indigo wall color. Brushed aluminum may be used on the panel itself for panel type signs or on the face of dimensional letters. Either option provides a clean and modern look.

The individual materials are important, but faithful representation of your logo and font is even more important. All signs are done with the color, finish, gradient or other customization that reflects your logo.

Contact us today to learn more about lobby or reception area signs for your business. Our designers will work with you as you consider the concepts and styles available and provide a free quote for your project. We will ensure that your office is graced by the presence of a truly high impact lobby sign.