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Custom Business Signs to Ease the Post COVID-19 Transition

Although we aren’t quite seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, eventually the coronavirus curve will begin to flatten and our society will be able to resume business at a more normal pace. With that, businesses will need to consider updating their signage yet again, this time to celebrate the return of life as we know it.

Directional Signage

With the onset of coronavirus, many businesses needed to update their directional signage to reflect streamlined entrances and exits. For example, many grocery stores switched to using one set of doors purely as an entrance and another exclusively for an exit. While this was critical for social distancing at the time, once coronavirus is over, businesses will want to increase the traffic flow inside. With this, you may want to consider temporary directional signage showing customers where to go.

A great type of sign that can be used for such purposes is a vinyl sign – for installation on walls, windows, or even floors or sidewalks. With vinyl made specifically for indoor and outdoor purposes, it is versatile and durable. Furthermore, the printing and installation of such signs can be done practically overnight! This means that you can have these signs waiting in the wings for when our nation begins the transition, and be one of the first businesses to have theirs out. Lead the charge back to everyday life with custom-created vinyl signs.

Hours of Operation Signs

As curfews and other safety measures took their tolls, many businesses were forced to change their hours and update their signs to reflect this. Although it might seem easy to just go back to your pre-pandemic signage, this is an excellent time to consider a facelift for your business. A beautiful, custom-designed sign can add a perfect element of additional flair to the face of your building without the cost or work of a full redesign.

Take a spin through our portfolio. You’ll notice that we can create signs with decals, digital signs, and a variety of other sign types to match the exterior look of your building. Breathe new life into your building with updated signs to reflect your updated operations.

Outdoor Digital Signage

As soon as your business opens up, you will want the world to know about it! With this in mind, consider updating to digital signage. We can enhance the monument or cabinet around your business’ sign to add to your curb appeal or help you update the operations within your digital sign. 

This is an excellent time to think about the messaging within your digital signage. Once coronavirus is over, feel free to adapt your messaging to more celebratory tones as you welcome your customers back inside.

Event Signage

We know we can’t wait to get back out to our favorite restaurants and gathering spots! We bet you can’t either. If your business is planning any type of event, opening, or expansion, event signs can set the stage for success in making sure that your event is well advertised, and therefore well attended. 

Consider using Starfish Signs for banners telling clients about your events, corporate gathering signs, and even trade show displays. Get the word back out there and get your clients together in the same room! 

Vehicle Graphics

As coronavirus dawned, people stopped traveling. As a result, we saw fewer and fewer cars on the road. We anticipate that as the pandemic becomes more manageable, and eventually dissipates, people will begin entering the roadways again. Use prospects’ drive to get on the open road as an opportunity to engage in some passive advertising. 

Did you know that more than ninety-five percent of Americans notice roadside advertising? We offer vehicle signs that include a variety of levels of commitment–from magnetic signs offering temporary signage to full vehicle wraps that will engage all around you in brand awareness for your business. 

Interior Business Signs

With a lot of downtime during the pandemic, many businesses have turned to updating their interior in hopes that they will be able to provide their customers with a fresh, updated experience once we return to usual. 

Starfish Signs offers architectural films, lobby signs and directional signs, Americans with Disabilities Act compliance signs, and glass whiteboards. Glass whiteboards in particular serve as an easily customized way to modernize the interior of your office at a reasonable cost, and with little renovation work. 

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Let Starfish Signs Be Your Partner For All Your Signage Needs

Starfish Signs is here to help you. We recognize that for many businesses, this time has created anxiety and turbulence for all of us. We are all adapting to a new normal, and whether that is ‘the way things were’, or some modified environment, we are here to partner with you.  We want to ensure that all of your customers know exactly where they are and what they are there for. Make the return to standard business as seamless as possible with quality signage!