Monument Sign Letters for Churches in San Clemente CA

Christ Lutheran Church Adds Bronze Lettering to Monument Sign

Located at North Beach and 35522 Camino Capistrano, Christ Lutheran Church loves to meet at the beach – unless it rains. Welcoming those who seek God as well as those not certain that they want to, this faith community delights in sharing its sanctuary at the Camino Capistrano facility with everyone. When it came time to upgrade its monument signage, the faith community’s office staff contacted Starfish Signs & Graphics.

Monument Sign Lettering in San Clemente, CA

Monument Sign Letters for Churches in San Clemente CA

An attractive white monument signifies the location of the Christ Lutheran Church building. We designed, manufactured and installed bronze metal lettering. In large font, the sign now welcomes visitors and congregants to the “Christ Lutheran Church.” In smaller font, it also welcomes parents to the “La Cristianita Preschool” and features the numbers of the address. The metal of these letters is designed not to leave streaks after it gets wet, which protects the bright white color of the monument. Landscape spotlights illuminate the marker directly from the front.

Monument Options

Our professionals offer you a full-service approach when looking for the right monument sign option.

  • Initial design and manufacture. When you need a sign where there is none, we can design your monument from the ground up. We will seek your input with regard to the material selection, the height and width, the overall appearance and optional style elements that make this marker stand out.
  • Foam marker installation. When you elect to use a pre-fabricated foam monument, we gladly install it at the location you specify. We also handle the manufacture and installation of the marker’s facing.
  • Signage upgrades. Over time, it is possible for dimensional letters to get lost or lose their luster. We replace or upgrade existing letters so that they once again provide those seeking for your faith community, business or organization with easy-to-read information.
  • Refurbishing. At times, the entire signage product succumbs to weathering or simply ages. Monument signs for churches in San Clemente attract worshipers because of their clear legibility and attractive looks. A dilapidated sign makes those in search of a church home question the care you have for your facility as well as for those who make up the membership. We refurbish your marker to enhance its function, look and overall curb appeal.

Getting Started on Your Order

Letters for Monument Signs San Clemente CA

Our professionals like the idea of saving business clients money. For this reason, we always encourage you to refurbish a sign rather than replace it with a new one – unless the already existing marker is in such bad repair that a fix is not in your best interest. In addition, we gladly take on jobs that other sign shops consider to be small potatoes. Whether some of your lettering needs to be replaced or you envision a complete exchange of all dimensional letters on your marker, we can help.

Call us today to get started on your order. We visit your location for a site evaluation, which allows us to give you a professional opinion with respect to the work that needs to be done.

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