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Best Uses for Office Wall Murals in Irvine CA

Office Wall Murals in Irvine CAWall art is taking a backseat to office wall murals for Irvine, CA, businesses. Gone are the days when framed motivational prints, glass-enclosed display cases, and posters would jostle for position. If you are ready to explore the amazing visual feats that you can accomplish with the installation of expertly printed murals, you have plenty of options open to you.

Tired of the So-so Executive Offices? Think Bricks!

Instantly transform an executive office suffering from a standard paint job into a cozy setting, an avant-garde minimalist dream or a loft-style setup with a mural that depicts old-fashioned bricks. These murals are so realistic that visitors and staff members will not think twice about the look but accept it as authentic. Paired with dark wood or chrome frame furniture, this look is ideal for an upscale appearance and feel.

Put Visitors in the Mood to do Business with a Themed Conference Room Mural

Office Wall Graphics Irvine CAThe majority of conference rooms have a wall problem. Either the walls are made up of glass (we can do wonders with a broad range of vinyl window graphics and lettering products) or they are solid and seem to remind occupants of the limited space. Why not make good use of three-dimensional images that we print with our high-quality equipment? If you are in the shipping business, allow your walls to become sights into a warehouse filled from floor to ceiling with shelves and shipping boxes. A software company might create a display of a computer’s interior – in large format, of course.

Blueprints Make Excellent Workspace Displays

There is a host of product blueprints that would look great in wall size. A dark blue background offers space for light yellow and white markups. Products could be germane to your business niche or display something else altogether. The trick here is to cover unsightly wall spaces that lack windows and make small offices or the wall of a call center or cubicle room look drab. The blueprints add dimension, texture and color layers as well as unusual designs that appeal to the eye.

Mix and Match Finishes and Texture for a Geometric Display that Makes a Lobby Wall Pop

Office wall art Irvine CAYour lobby is your first opportunity to make an excellent impression on your clients or customers. Doing so with an intricate display of geometric shapes – rather than tired wall art – allows your company to stand out in the mind of the consumer. Why not pair texture and finishes with the designs? For example, when you choose to have some panels imprinted onto a smooth texture vinyl but others onto a product with linen emboss, you create another dimension of visual interest in your lobby.

Discussing Office Wall Murals in Irvine, CA, with an Expert

Contact our graphic artists to learn more about the best uses for office walls murals in your Irvine location. Whether you need to dress up a small space with murals that create impressions of depth and height, or you want to go from drab to fab without investing heavily in a broad range of paints and textured wallpapers, we can help. Contact us today to catch a vision of what your space could look like after a mural treatment.

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