Blade Signs for San Clemente CA

What Are Blade Signs and What Are Their Best Uses?

When you are looking for a fantastic eye-grabber that is sure to reel in the foot traffic, you cannot go wrong with exterior blade signs for South Orange County, CA. These markers bring pizzazz to any setting and brand your venue as very few other signage products can.

What are Blade Signs?

Blade Signs for San Clemente CA

You probably know interior blade signs. These are the wayfinding markers that we would mount perpendicular to the wall. This setup allows them to effectively point in the direction they are suggesting that folks should take. Yet did you know that there are exterior blade signs as well? Imagine a narrow avenue in Elizabethan England where merchants had set up their storefronts. Signs would jut out above the entryways. These signs address oncoming foot traffic from both directions with colorful name and image displays. This is the quintessential blade.

Fast Forwarding to Modern America – or Not

What are blade signs?

The traditional blade would be a carved wooden plank with a thick coat of paint. Things have changed since these early designs took the old-world businesses communities by storm. Of course, you do not have to go high tech if an old-world feel is what you are after. What are your options?

  1. Routed or sandblasted panels. A high-density urethane (HDU) board is routed or sandblasted to reveal the lettering and style elements that you want to incorporate into your design. After finishing the process by hand, our technicians paint and seal the sign.
  2. Box cabinets. Custom-formed lightbox cabinets bring the possibility of illumination to your storefront. Just like a standard cabinet, this one features an imprinted vinyl overlay or dimensional letters on its facing. We can add dual facings for appeal to pedestrians from both sides of the street.
  3. Aluminum blades. When you need lightweight and budget-friendly signage options, aluminum meets your needs. We paint the surface, add a vinyl overlay or affix dimensional letters to both sides.

Detail Work Makes the Difference

Exterior Sandblasted Sign for San Clemente CA

The signage pros at Starfish Signs & Graphics routinely work with business clients who want their signage to perfectly brand the business, fit into the overall area and still make the storefront stand out. No problem! What sets apart our blade signs from those put together by others are the attention to detail and expert construction. For example, we work with a broad range of paints that allows us to give your sign an aged bronze look or a rustic appearance with metallic hues – if desired.

The aluminum frame can take on any traditional shape or look exactly like your logo. By adding a decorative framework, which later also supports the installation to the mounting arm, it is easy to fit into virtually any type of setting. Whether your business is located inside a mall, in the historic part of town or near the art center, you are always in style and relevant. Of course, when you are thinking of creating something completely avant-garde and stunning, we might incorporate neon tubes, Art Deco style elements and bold colors. Call us today to discuss your blade signage needs.

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