Vehicle Wrap Statistics San Clemente CA

Vehicle Wrap Advertising Statistics You Can’t Ignore!

Business owners understand that spending money on marketing must show good results. How can you hedge your bets and know ahead of time what types of marketing work well and which ones are less likely to yield the results you look for? Concerning vehicle wrap advertising statistics for San Clemente, CA, companies, these numbers speak for themselves.

Outdoor Advertising Association of America Crunched the Numbers

Vehicle Wrap Advertising Statistics San Clemente CA

The experts established that while the size of your local market determines the actual figures of your results, the number ranges show vehicle wraps to be excellent marketing tools.

  • A high number of daily impressions. An impression denotes the number of eyeballs that take in your ad. For a wrap, the average number of daily impressions falls between 30,000 and 40,000. If you wrap multiple vehicles, you automatically increase this figure.
  • High target ratio. Reaching your targeted demographic with an appealing ad is possible. Since about 95 percent of American consumers take in mobile marketing messages – as drivers, passengers or passersby – you have an excellent chance of reaching your target demographic with them.
  • Comparatively low costs. Industry insiders gauge the expense of an ad campaign by the cost per 1,000 impressions. A marketing product that does not reach as many customers will, therefore, present a higher per-impression cost than one that excels at being seen. Vehicle graphics advertisement is considered a low-cost medium, which hints at its superior effectiveness. In fact, insiders believe the average cost per impression to be about 15 cents for a wrap.

Can You Beat a Mobile Marketing Strategy?

Vehicle Wraps Cost Per Impression San Clemente CA

When you consider that a newspaper ad sets you back almost $12 for 1,000 impressions, it is clear that full and partial vehicle wraps are superior marketing tools for your business. What the numbers fail to show is the fact that even television commercials, which many consider to be instrumental in building brand awareness and name recognition, frequently fall flat when it comes to recalling the actual advertising element.

Sure, the TV ad might provide a funny storyline or a colorful display aimed at its targeted demographic, but far too often the crux of the message gets lost. A viewer may remember the ad but cannot recall the product or company. The vast majority of consumers has no trouble noticing vehicle ads. Statistics prove that even after taking in the message, the ad does not lose its effectiveness. Some 29 percent of consumers who become shoppers point to the vehicle marketing campaign as the catalyst for their buying decisions.

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Contact our experts to discuss these vehicle wrap advertising statistics. In San Clemente, CA, we routinely help businesses of all sizes to use this branding tool to their advantages. We work with you to put together a look that pinpoints the superior quality of your brand as well as the services that differentiate your company from its competitors. Also, we help you think through the marketing campaign’s tenor and duration, which can determine your choice of images and wording.

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