Vehicle Graphics: Design, Fabrication and Installation

At Starfish Signs, we are firm believers in the benefits of vehicle graphics for businesses: it’s a cost-effective way to market your business all over your region. In fact, our own fleet of wrapped vehicles has led more than one of prospective client to reach out to us after seeing our vehicles around town.

Getting graphics or a wrap for your vehicle doesn’t have to be difficult. At Starfish Signs and Graphics, instead of having separate contractors for the design, the fabrication, and the installation of your vehicle graphics, we manage the whole process from start to finish with our in-house staff. The fact that we handle all aspects of the process gives you the best of both worlds: the affordability of dealing with a single vendor and the expertise and experience of trusting the look of your branding to designers who know how to make the most visually appealing vehicle graphics. Plus, the hallmark of all Starfish Signs work is that we’re approachable and accessible and dedicated to your complete satisfaction.

Our Process

  1. Design—In the design phase of the process, you will consult with a Starfish Signs designer to figure out your exact design specification and needs. They will talk you through our various options, which include color change vehicle wraps, full and partial vehicle wraps, and smaller individualized vehicle graphics. After you settle on the type of vehicle graphics that is right for you, the designer will talk you through your vision for the graphics. Before progressing to the next phase of the project, we will present you with options for your approval.
  2. Fabrication—We have all the materials necessary to fabricate the designs right here in our own facility. We use all types of materials, but our favorite is premium 3M vinyl wrap. Producing the wraps and graphics in-house gives us full control over the quality of your soon-to-be vehicle graphics.
  3. Installation—Our talented team has lots of experience installing vehicle graphics and wraps. Whether you’re simply affixing a graphic to the side of your vehicle, or if you’re coving the roof, movable doors, or even windows with a graphic, we know exactly how to manage the process. Our installation ensures not only your satisfaction, but also the longevity of your new vehicle graphics.

Learn more about the installation process here.

Investment and Affordability

The custom nature of vehicle graphics does not mean that they are not cost effective. When you compare the cost of wrapping a vehicle with the per-impression cost of other forms of advertising, you will find that vehicle graphics are an extremely efficient investment, given the very large number of impressions. Your wrapped vehicle will be seen all over town, even when it is parked at your office or at client’s facility.  We call vehicle graphics “a salesman who never sleeps.”

Custom window and vehicle graphics start at just $250. From there, several variables determine the cost of a vehicle graphic or wrap, including:

  • The square footage of the graphics – basically the size of your vehicle, and how much material is needed in order for the vehicle to the extent desired..
  • The type of material used– typically we use premium 3M vinyl wrap but in some cases we may recommend other materials.
  • The shape and complexity of the vehicle– Vehicles with many round curves, such as a Volkswagen Beetle, require more time for our installers to ensure your wrap is applied correctly. Vehicles with flat surfaces, such as a box van, take less time to install.
  • Roof and Windows– The decision to cover your vehicle windows, roof, or both affects the cost.

All of these different factors don’t deter us—they excite us. The more unique the job, the more excited we are to work with you. Whatever your needs, and whatever type of vehicle or fleet you’re looking to wrap, we’re the people for the job.  Contact us today to discuss your vehicle graphics project, and learn how we can help you Stand Out. Be Noticed. Get Results!