Send a Message with Your Bronze Plaque Signage

Custom bronze plaques are a beautiful and versatile option for upgrading your business’s signage. Whether you are looking to showcase your brand with style and permanence, dedicate a building or monument, recognize an achievement or donation, or simply help people find their way around your building, bronze plaques are a great option to consider, and they’re more affordable than many people realize.

The History of Bronze

For thousands of years, bronze has been used around the globe. During the Bronze Age, beginning in the 4th century BC, it was used for tools, weapons, and even as art because of its strength. It is made from a combination of metals, which when mixed are able to make it stronger than the original metals by themselves. The primary metal in bronze is copper, which gives it the beautiful color.

Bronze has come a long way in the 5,000+ years that it has been used by humans. Today, although it is no longer the strongest metal in the world, it is still very popular and widely regarded. It is one of the precious metals given out at the Olympics and other athletic competitions to recognize great achievement. One of the most common present-day uses for bronze is signage, because of its elegant look and its durability, both inside of buildings and outside in the elements.

Custom Bronze Plaques as a Versatile Signage Solution

Our bronze signage solutions are custom forged to meet the exact specifications of each client. They can be either custom etched or laser engraved, turning any image into a unique piece of signage that will last for generations. Bronze plaques are a great way to showcase a company’s logo on a wall, on an outside pillar, or in a lobby. Often times, people use custom bronze plaques to showcase the names of the founders, executives, awards, or award-winning staff. Another great application for bronze plaques are ADA and wayfinding signs. This is because they do not chip, crack, or deteriorate, even if many people are touching them on a daily basis. For more information and advice about ADA signage, click here.

Mounting Options for Bronze Plaques

People often wonder how bronze plaques are mounted. We generally mount our custom bronze plaques in one of two ways: bolting or blind mounting. Bolting is the easier of the two methods. In this case, bolts are drilled through the face of the plaque into the façade of the building. We cover the bolts with decorative rosettes, which give a classy, finished touch to the sign. For signage that is in a location susceptible to theft, we recommend blind mounting, where threaded studs are added to the back of the plaques and we secure them into pre-drilled holes in the building façade and secure it with an adhesive. In an extreme case, we can drill the studs all the way into the wall cavity and secure nuts to the studs from the other side of the wall. Blind mounting is a more difficult process, but it is available for high security applications.

Starfish Signs has all the signage answers and experience you are looking for, no matter what type of signage your business or organization needs. We highly recommend bronze as an option to give your business or organization an elegant, durable touch of gravitas. And our expert design and installation teams have all the tools and knowledge needed to guide you through the process, from idea to final product. To learn whether bronze plaque signage is the answer your business or organization is looking for, or to learn about which signage solution is right for you, arrange a no-obligation time to chat with one of our designers today.