Municipal Dimensiona Letter Building Signs Orange County

Monument and Building Signs for the Sheriff? Indeed!

It is a common misconception that only businesses benefit from professional signage. After all, if this were true, how would the local citizenry find its way around municipal or federal buildings? Case in point is the Orange County Sheriff’s Department Saddleback Station. Located at 20202 Windrow in Lake Forest, this office is actually a vibrant part of the community.

Dimensional Letter Exterior Building Signs Orange County

Regular outreach programs and volunteer opportunities are as much a part of the Southeast Operations unit as policing and keeping neighborhoods safe. When it came time to add monument and building signs to the location, the department’s management team contacted Starfish Signs & Graphics for assistance.

Sprucing up the Look of the Station

It all started with a monument sign. For Orange County Sheriff’s Department visitors, this is the first welcome they receive. The sign is sleek and displays the familiar beige tones that signify the seal of the organization. The seal itself is an integral part of the marker. By facing traffic, this product is a major wayfinding tool for motorists.

Monument Sign for Orange County Sheriff

Did we stop there? No! A dimensional letter building sign also identifies the exterior. Larger letters identify the resident of the building while smaller ones right underneath bespeak the name of the station. Attractively centered above the entryway on the upper fourth of the façade, this lettering is easily visible for motorists as well as pedestrians. Due to the 3D effect of this signage, the right sun exposure results in a visually appealing play of shadows right around the sign.

Why do Municipal Buildings Need Professional Signage?

Preparing the monument sign footer

Preparing the monument sign footer.

Usually, it is a business that advertises with a dimensional letter building sign. For Orange County Sheriff’s Department officials, advertising is not an important consideration. That said, there are three good reasons why even cities and counties need to invest in the right signage products for their various offices.

  1. Wayfinding. The general public does not usually visit the Sheriff’s Department. When they do, it is frequently not for a pleasant occasion. Making it easy for visitors to find this building helps to keep frustration low. In addition, it helps to de-stress visitors who are worried about finding a department that may be among many other federal, local or county offices.
  2. Beautification. An unmarked building that nevertheless has a visitor’s parking lot is not an attractive sight in a residential or mixed-zone neighborhood. Even though residents usually know who operates out of the facility, the overall appearance of the venue is incomplete. Adding a signage combination consisting of monument and building markers makes a huge difference in the aesthetic presentation of the location.
  3. Branding. You would not think that a law enforcement organization would have to brand. After all, eliciting feelings and thoughts in folks is usually associated with commercial marketing. Yet in this situation, branding refers to the respect that the department deserves. By adding professional signage, this agency effectively brands itself.
Monument Signs for Orange County

What a great looking sign for the Sheriff’s Department!

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