Lobby Signs for Professional Offices in Glendale CA

Custom & Professional Lobby Sign for Prime Holdings International

Located at 500 North Brand Boulevard in Suite 1750, Prime Holdings International is in the financial sector. The company’s management team contacted Starfish Signs & Graphics to create a lobby sign that would bespeak the global aspect of the company and take the website’s display of the logo as a model for the finished marker.

Lobby Signs for Professional Offices in Glendale CA

The signage material we chose was acrylic. It is versatile, which makes it suitable for a broad range of color choices. After scanning the company’s artwork, we created a digitally printed vinyl skin that we applied to the acrylic logo shape. The individual letters themselves we painted to display the font changes the company’s clients remember from the website.

What’s in a Lobby Sign?

Lobby signs for Glendale, CA, companies are not something that management teams leave to chance. These products brand a business while they act as a marketing tool. Having the right type of sign displayed puts clients in the financial sector – and really in any type of niche – in the mood to do business. Make a mistake here, and you are actually making it more difficult for your sales staff to succeed.

The lobby sign tells prospective clients or customers what your business philosophy is all about. It continues the conversation that your exterior building signage began. You want the markers to harmonize and provide the opportunity to engage in more branding than you were able to accomplish on the outside. As a result, your lobby signage should match other suite signs, too.

Material Options

We get plenty of signage orders that do not specify a material selection. When we are called to manufacture reception area signs for Glendale, CA, businesses, we consult with the clients and explain the available options.

  • Acrylic. You cannot go wrong with acrylic. It is long lasting, looks great, allows for easy care and is paintable. For intricate logo displays, we cover the acrylic with a digitally imprinted vinyl skin that features your company’s scanned artwork.
  • Foam. When you like the look of a dramatic wall display that features light and shadow play, foam is the material of choice. It comes in a variety of thicknesses that make it ideal for distinctive wall presentations. We can paint the foam, cover it with vinyl or apply metal or acrylic laminates.
  • Plastic. Cast plastic in particular allows for the display of prismatic faces. Die-cut plastic is flat and attaches snug to the wall. Available in a rainbow of colors, we can customize the paint to suit your company’s colors.
  • Metal. Metal is the type of signage material that costs a little more but makes your reception area look like a million bucks. It is elegant, brings sophistication to any space and lasts for a very long time indeed.

Our professionals understand that each company is unique and requires an individualized signage design approach. Talk to our graphic artists today to see what kind of story we can tell with the right professional lobby sign in your space. You are going to love the results!

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