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Mariners Village: A Sign of Proper Planning

Every week here at Starfish Signs and Graphics, we write an inspirational quote on our office board for everyone to ponder about throughout the week. This past week, our quote was, “The first casualty of war is the plan.” This phrase holds a deeper message that applies to all business: things change. Being able to adapt to the changes is what makes you successful.

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With this being said, having a clear vision of the goals of a project and what you want the finished product to look like allow for a much smoother workflow and quicker turnaround time. Having a well thought-out plan in the first place allows us to adapt to the changes and create contingency strategies in case things do change. Our new monument sign for Mariners Village in San Juan Capistrano is a great example of a recently completed a project which illustrates the importance of having a clear vision and defined goals.

The monument sign for Mariners Village is a completely custom design that matched aesthetic with structural integrity. The sign was made from a solid piece of beautiful redwood, giving it a solid base that will resist the elements. The redwood also gave the sign considerable weight, which had to be accounted into the design. The sign itself is sandblasted wood, bringing out the grain and texture of the redwood in relief of the letters and the ship logo.

Another element that required some serious brainstorming was the ship logo. Although we initially wanted to digitally print it on vinyl and apply it, our designers determined that the best course of action would be to have it custom painted onto the sign itself. We brought in a renowned artist, Nelly Rodriguez, to hand-paint the logo onto the sign. The result was better than we could have hoped for and added the perfect touch to an already gorgeous sign.

The last obstacle that the Starfish team encountered was the installation of the sign. The combined weight of the solid wood sign and the four wooden posts was several hundred pounds and required coordination and innovation to complete. We set the posts in the ground simultaneously and then attached the sign to the posts. The time and energy put into the installation paid off with a sign that is structurally sound and perfectly set.

This week, although there were many changes and modifications, the plan that we created with Mariners Village really helped to produce the vision the customer had. The residents of Mariners Village were thoroughly satisfied with their new sign and will continue to be satisfied with its great look and solid construction for many years to come!

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