Restaurant Van Wraps San Diego

Cafe Moto Chooses Van Wraps to Brand Locally

Located at 2619 National Avenue, Café Moto is a roaster store with a comfortable seating area. Teas and coffees as well as ceramics are part of the venue’s products that champion fair-trade certified products. When the company considered that the competition from chains was getting tough, it contacted Starfish Signs & Graphics to stand out and even the playing field. The products of choice were three van wraps San Diego consumers could not help but notice.

Restaurant Van Wraps for San Diego

Restaurant Van Wraps San Diego

Café Moto may be a small operation, but it clearly distinguishes itself from the chains. First and foremost, its management believes in locally sourcing any goods that are available. Secondly, it does not compromise on high quality or ethics. Building its brand calls for an innovative approach that communicates these advantages to doing business with the company.

The van wraps display the company’s name and logo on their sides. The back is kept in the yellow color visitors to the website immediately recognize. The rear door display underscores the commitment to quality with respect to business methods and product sourcing. Contact information and a website address round out the look. These vans are now impossible to ignore. A winning color and style element combination makes them stand out.

Does Your Business Need to Shine More?

Fleet van wraps San Diego

How can your business get more attention? Whether you operate a hole-in-the-wall eatery or a patio breakfast spot, you cannot afford to miss out on the branding opportunity that van wraps provide. Whether it is your delivery van or any other type of conveyance you may use during business owners – even a moped – we recommend installing a wrap to make your company stand out.

  • Catch the eye. The goal of any wrap product is to catch the eye of consumers. The trick is to use the graphics to get attention at intersections, in the midst of traffic and even when parked alongside the street.
  • Generate name recognition. Putting together the colors, the look of the logo and the name of your company generates name recognition. Consumers remember your name simply by seeing the logo.
  • Create brand awareness. Help consumers to connect your name with the branding of your service of product. For example, when you identify yourself as the 24-hour chiropractor, this branding now connects to your colors and logo expression.
  • Target your marketing. Where does your target demographic live and work? If your targeted customers do not come to you, it is a good idea to go to them. Drive through the neighborhoods where your targeted customers live. Give out samples or coupons where they work. Become a visible brand expression.

Designing Your Wrap

Fleet van graphics San Diego

The real success of a wrap is the customization of the product. Our experts create each look from scratch and ensure that your name and logo shine. We work with the artwork you already have on file or create something new from scratch. You decide how to present your company to the consumer; and we design, manufacture and expertly install the product. Call us today to get started.

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