Acrylic Lobby Signs San Diego

Seer Interactive Gets “Personal” with New Lobby Signs!

Located at 1510 Front Street in Suite 400, San Diego’s Seer Interactive is a marketing company without equal. Taking marketing to a personal level, this business leverages more than 13 years of extensive online promotion experience in an effort to address the growing number of consumers who want their Internet experiences to be more personal and less focused on “buy me” messages. When it came time to add lobby signs that would be as innovative as the company they describe, Seer’s management team contacted Starfish Signs & Graphics to get results.

Acrylic Lobby Signs San Diego

Fabricated with acrylic letters using frosted vinyl backings.

Innovation in Acrylic

We worked with the client to discover the vision for Seer’s lobby marker. From the wealth of materials we regularly work with, the company selected acrylic lettering. We added frosted vinyl backing for a visually attractive look. The look mimics the use of frosted glass, which adds to the innovative impressions this signage selection makes on visitors to the venue. Acrylic lobby signs for San Diego, CA, software, high-tech and advertising companies are actually quite edgy and popular.

Being at the Forefront of a Trend

Lobby Signs for Professional Businesses in San Diego

Just as Seer is catering to a measurably growing trend to provide a personal marketing experience, the lobby signage that you select for your company needs to bespeak a forming trend as well. It is simply not enough to opt for the type of signage that was hot three or ten years ago.

This is where we can help.

  • Design assistance. If you do not have artwork already on hand, we help you to design a new lobby marker from the ground up. The reception area signs for San Diego, CA, businesses must appeal to the makeup of the current demographic with an eye on also appealing to other consumers.
  • Material selection. What may have been a good option for you a decade ago might no longer be the right choice at this time. Exempt from this are financial institutions using metal signs. This material never goes out of style for companies in the financial sector.
  • Color updates. It does not hurt to occasionally rebrand. Rebranding does not have to be a major overhaul of your signage and public persona. Rather, a small tweak to the shade of your color has the power to propel your look from the 1970s to the modern day.

Getting Started on Your Order

Recpetion area signs San Diego

Call us today for more information on the available signage materials and manufacturing methods. More and more business customers like the idea of looking to the more unusual lobby marker options for their signage products. We offer routed markers, use unusual materials such as glass or marble, and delight in making signs with the use of wall murals or layered acrylic panels.

Of course, if you like the use of standard materials but innovative manufacturing techniques, we can do that, too. When you contact us for your signage needs, we work with your company’s representatives to put your signage vision on paper. Once you are satisfied that we have succeeded, we manufacture and install the finished product.

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