Wall graphics for music schools in Temecula, CA

New Building Sign and Wall Graphics for School of Rock in Temecula

Located at 30630 Rancho California Road, the School of Rock is an instruction program that excels because of its performance-based approach. Inspiring their students to excel and grow in confidence, this method has proven successful to get even the shyest student to play music. Broad ranges of instrument courses invite learners to attend weekly private lessons as well as rehearsals of the bands.

Exterior building signs for music stores in Temecula, CA

Students perform at real venues and in front of audiences that do not consist of just parents, friends and other students. Language teachers have long realized that an immersion approach increases a learner’s confidence and grasp of a foreign language. In this setting, the music learner experiences a comparable environment. When the management team of the School of Rock needed building signage and wall murals that would suit their approach to teaching, it contacted the signage experts at Starfish Signs & Graphics for assistance.

Welcoming Students and Visitors with Building Signage

After discussing the signage needs of the company, we designed, manufactured and installed channel letters that spell out the facility’s name. LEDs provide the light sources for the product that presents with dark fronts and a red logo display in the last word. This illumination makes the red logo stand out dramatically when turned on. Since exterior building signs for music schools in Temecula, CA, must grab the attention of parents as well as prospective learners, this approach is sure to capture eyeballs.

Wall graphics for music schools in Temecula, CA

Wall murals serve to inspire students. By showing images of musicians during their performances, these murals provide new students with a glimpse of the heights they can reach if they choose to pursue music as a serious hobby or perhaps even a lifetime career. Since the murals feature other students, it also inspires learners to have confidence in their abilities. If the “other kids” could do it, they can do it, too. The murals take up a full wall height of space and feature colorful, black and white as well as sepia tone images.

Signage Supports the Learning Process

Wall murals for music schools in Temecula, CA

School administrators already know that the right types of signs can support the learning process. Wall murals and graphics succeed in presenting learners with challenges, encouragement, vision for the future and the inspiration that can help the individual through a tough time. Since music is the type of subject that lends itself to occasional dry spells when the musician has a tough time putting together songs or even excelling at playing an instrument, having these visual reminders available can make a huge difference.

Ordering Your Signage

Whether you need wall murals for music schools in Temecula, CA, or exterior building signs for a high school elsewhere, our graphic artists can help. We work with your administrators to put together a signage product that embodies the spirit of your educational setting. We incorporate your mascot or logo to support branding. If you do not yet have a firm idea of what you want the product to look like, we provide you with sketches that show you different signage solutions that would suit your venue. Contact us today to get started on your order.

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