Dimensional Letters for Schools in Los Angeles County

Canyon HS Uses Dimensional Letters for Hall of Fame!

Located at 19300 West Nadal Street in Canyon County, Canyon High School prides itself on its well-rounded athletic program that incorporates boys and girls’ sports. The Canyon Cowboys appreciate their home turf and honoring the student athletes is a corner stone of the program’s success. When the school family decided to add a Hall of Fame to its location, the administration contacted the professionals at Starfish Signs & Graphics for assistance.

Interior Dimensional Letters for Schools in Los Angeles County

Dimensional Letters for Schools in Los Angeles County

We visited the location and took some measurements of the wall that the school set aside for the Hall of Fame display. We created silver lettering with three-dimensional material to make the wording stand out. The name of the school draws the eye while the wall’s designation shows up in a slightly smaller font. Careful spacing leaves a maximum amount of wall space to display photos and other memorabilia to celebrate the athletes’ achievements.

Recognizing Achievements with a Dedicated Wall Display

Many schools already rely on a dedicated wall space to honor their student athletes. This frequently allows the school to build a bridge between alumni and the current student body. Dimensional letters make the wall stand out and draw the eye. Yet there are other options as well.

  • Acrylic wall boards. A clear acrylic board with a digitally imprinted vinyl overlay shows off the name of your school and its logo. We mount the board with offsets, which add a slight 3D effect to the wall. Add your memorabilia as you had initially planned.
  • Wall graphics. When you have a very large wall surface that you want to turn into a Hall of Fame display, we recommend the use of vinyl wall graphics. We digitally print them in your school’s colors. This allows us to cover a large portion of the surface at a budget-friendly cost.
  • Banners. Opt for vinyl or canvas. We imprint the banner with your message of encouragement, which also includes your school’s name. Hang the banner from the wall that you have chosen for the display. This is a good idea when you are not sure that the wall you are using today will actually house the displays for the near future. Banners get you started but are movable.

Excellent for the Workplace, Too!

You do not have to be a school administrator to appreciate the importance of honoring achievements. Many of our business clients recognize employees for their hard work and dedication to customer service and to the company. Whether you are thinking of creating a display to honor the employee of the month or the associate of the year, we can help you to put the right frame around the project.

Our professionals not only deal with the manufacture of interior dimensional letters for schools in Los Angeles County, but we also handle the display of company names in a variety of media, etched or cast plaques, and inscribed aluminum or acrylic panels. Contact our professionals today to discuss your vision and to find out how we can make it become a reality.

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