Breaking Down the Benefits of Vehicle Wraps by the Numbers

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Think about the last time you saw a vehicle that was decked out with custom graphics rolling down the highway. Chances are, you can probably still visualize the brand it was advertising. You can probably even remember the services or products that were featured. Suppose there was a bit of traffic and the only thing visually appealing to look at on the highway was this colorful, branded vehicle. Now, think about the thousands of other people driving on the same highway at the same time who saw that vehicle wrap; chances are, they can probably remember it as well. Essentially, that wrapped vehicle just turned an annoying traffic jam into an advertising campaign with a very lucrative potential, displaying a custom branded advertisement to thousands of viewers from all different socioeconomic backgrounds.

That is the power of a vehicle wrap. It takes the concept of a billboard and turns it into a mobile platform that can penetrate specific areas, transforms commutes into ad campaigns and advertising to people in a different way that what they are used to, thus creating a more meaningful and lasting impression.

At an average price of around $3,000 for a vehicle wrap, over a six year lifespan for a vehicle, that works out to a cost of around $1.37 a day. Considering you might get 50,000 views in one month driving during working hours or during your commute, you are essentially paying a dollar for over 1,200 impressions. Not even online pay-per-click advertising is this cost-effective.

With traditional forms of outdoor advertising you pay for a premium location, duration of the display or the size of the space. These costs can fluctuate based on demand and limit your reach to a defined area and demographic. Most American use cars on a weekly, if not daily, basis and anyone can see your vehicle, day or night. You can target certain locations to break into a new market or reinforce your brand in an area where you are well established.

Additionally, your vehicle now can be used as part of a mobile display in conjunction with trade show products to create a truly branded display experience at events and trade shows. Wraps can be aimed at promoting your brand or showcasing a new product or service.

If you are a business owner, wrapping your vehicle with eye-catching custom graphics helps you stand apart from your competition, and helps you to stretch your advertising dollars.  At Starfish Signs and Graphics, our wraps help you to: Stand Out. Be Noticed. Get Results.  Call us today for an estimate!