7 Questions to Ask Your Local Sign Company Before Hiring Them

Did you know customers make split-second judgments about your business based on your signage? It’s true. Before they ever set foot in your business–or walk right on by– they have already formed a first impression. And once they are in your business, they continue to form opinions about your business depending on whether your signage is helpful in wayfinding, providing instructions, and properly conveying your brand. 

Is your signage giving the right first impression? Does it accurately convey the professionalism and vibe of your business? Is it assisting your customers in finding where they need to go? 

If your signage is confusing, hard to read, looks worn or dated, or just isn’t connecting with your preferred audience, it’s time to update your signage.  

The first step to creating an effective, high-quality business sign is partnering with a signage and graphics company that can offer customized solutions to meet your unique business needs. 

If you’re unsure how to begin vetting a custom sign studio for your business sign project, we’ve got your back. We’re going to give you the key questions you need to ask when choosing a sign company.

Ready to discover how to get the best sign for your industry? Then read on to learn more. 

1. What Types of Sign Do You Offer?

Be sure to ask your local sign company exactly what types of signs they offer. Of course, you want to ensure they specialize in the specific type of sign you have in mind, but they may also offer solutions you hadn’t thought of. 

You may think that any sign company can create your business sign, but creating signs to satisfy various business needs effectively is an art and a science and requires a company with the appropriate knowledge and experience. 

Here are some of the most common types of business signs and how they can help you reach your business goals. 

Interior Signs

Lobby Signs & Directional Signs are effective at branding your reception area, lobby, or giving directions around your premises. 

Architectural Films can help you maintain your open concept while providing privacy with a customized, branded look. 

ADA Office Signs address the needs of people with disabilities and are fully compliant with federal and state-specific requirements.

Glass Whiteboards effortlessly blend form and function using your wall space to provide welcoming signage and encourage collaboration among your team. 

Exterior Signs

Building Signs attract customers and let people know you are a business that is here to stay. 

Channel Lettering Signs offer high-energy efficiency and  low maintenance LED illumination to help your business stand apart from the rest. 

Monument Signs are a unique, cost-friendly solution to catch the eye of passersby quickly, and are especially useful for multi-tenant buildings.  

Sandblasted Signs are custom, handcrafted signs that can communicate your beachy vibe, whether modern and contemporary or traditional, for your Southern California business. 

Wall & Window Graphics

Window Graphics catch the attention of folks passing by and are an easy and cost-effective way to create brand awareness and inform customers about promotions. 

Wall Murals & Graphics can communicate your company’s vision and mission, reinforce your commitment to quality, safety, and service, or tell the history of your business. 

Event Signs

Banners, Corporate Event Signs, Large Format Printing, and Trade Show Displays help you brand your business and market your products and services off-site at corporate and community events, driving more customers through your doors. 

2. What is the Design Process?

We’ve all seen signs that look slightly lackluster, haven’t we? The ones that look hastily thrown-together rather than carefully and thoughtfully designed. 

Look for a local sign company that has a full-time design team who will give your sign the care and attention it deserves and will collaborate with you to create a sign worthy of your company. 

Ask the sign company if they have an experienced, in-house designer.  Ask about their design process – how do they charge for design, how many concepts will be prepared, and how many revisions are included.  Ask to see samples of previous sign projects.

3. What About Sign Permitting & Installation? 

Getting a new sign entails more than just approving the design. Counties, cities, and municipalities may have their own set of codes and ordinances that govern the design, fabrication, and installation of signs. Look for an experienced sign company that will guide you through the process of permitting your sign to ensure your sign meets all the necessary requirements. 

Installation and permitting go hand-in-hand, since the city will require a final inspection following completion of installation. It is beneficial to select a sign maker who will take the lead on every step throughout the permitting and installation processes. In the State of California, that means that you will want a sign company that is fully licensed – to pull permits and to do installations.

4. Where Will it Be Made?

Who will handle the process of making your sign? Ideally, the sign-making company will make your sign in-house. If they do, there is less room for misinterpretation, no one else to contact, and no one else who can delay the process. 

While you’re finding out these details, you should learn other facts about the sign’s fabrication. What will it be made of? What are your options for its construction?

You can also ask questions about maintenance and find out whether your local sign company will maintain the sign. 

5. Who is Your Point of Contact?

Any local sign company worth their salt will be communicative and give you a point of contact as soon as you sign up with them. 

When you have a dedicated point of contact, it makes communication throughout the entire process much more seamless. If your local sign company doesn’t have a dedicated person to contact, it may indicate inefficiency in the company.

6. How Long Will it Take to Make the Sign?

It is important to know the turnaround time before you okay a project. The company should be able to give you a clear estimate of when your sign will be made. This means that you can then schedule other tasks around it.

A sign company that flip-flops and changes its schedule regularly may be more likely to deliver a substandard product at the end of the process.

7. Do You Have Testimonials?

Before you agree to have a local sign maker begin work on your sign, you should ask them for testimonials. If they are a reputable company, they should have a large selection of positive company reviews for you to peruse at your leisure.

If they do not have testimonials to show you, it could be a sign of shoddy work. Proceed with caution.

Choosing a Local Sign Company: Starfish Signs

If you are looking for a new sign for your business, Starfish Signs & Graphics caters to any industry and handles every phase of your signage process, providing you with a positive experience every step of the way. 

To see our work, take a look at our portfolio. When you are ready to begin planning your custom sign project, please get in touch. We’d love to help you!